Dynamic Currency Conversion

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Dynamic Currency Conversion UAE

Here at Card Cutters UAE, we offer all of our merchants as standard the opportunity for your customers to pay by card in their own currency, whether they are visiting from the UK, China or further afield – by making use of Dynamic Currency Conversion.

This is because here at Card Cutters we use state of the art POS Terminals that are able to identify if the card being used has been issued from a bank outside of the UAE. If so our POS Terminal will prompt your customer to ask if they would like to pay in their own currency? If the customer chooses this option, the terminal will automatically link the daily forex rate as applied by MasterCard and Visa and debit the cardholder in their own currency.

DCC Payments - The Benefits of Dynamic Currency Conversion

  • Your customer understands the price they are paying in advance.
  • As one of our merchants, you will be compensated with the commission on these transactions, usually 0.5% of the total sale.
  • This service is offered free of charge to all Card Cutters UAE Merchants.
Dynamic Currency Conversion UAE
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