Google Pay UAE – Top Things To Consider

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Although cash, and cash-on-delivery, are still favoured, the UAE is becoming a card-dominated country. According to stats, 13 million cards have been allocated, 60% of which are debit and the remaining 40% are credit. Visa and Mastercard are the key players, and a small portion of cards are allocated by American Express. These cards can be used to do the transaction with any POS Terminal or can be linked with any payment Method. 

Here we will be discussing Google Pay UAE , whether it can be used in Dubai, UAE? How to set up Google Pay in UAE, How to download Google Pay App and much more

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Presenting Google Pay UAE – The quick, straightforward way to pay for millions of places

Google Pay has been established in the UAE- 2018, indicating you can now use your Android smartphone to pay in stores that take contactless. All you need to do is securely register your card details issued by one of the partner banks and you can then complete payments at a growing number of shops across the UAE.

So far, no substitute forms of payment have been capable to reach a substantial user base.
It brings concurrently everything you need at checkout and safeguards your payment info with numerous layers of security.

What is Google Pay UAE?

Google Pay is a mobile payment service offered by Google, which enables users to pay for goods and services using their smartphones. Users can make purchases via the Google Play Store, Google Assistant, and third-party apps. Google Pay works with NFC (near field communication) enabled devices including Android phones, iPhones, and Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or above.

Google Pay UAE is the quick, straightforward way to pay in millions of places – online, in stores, and more. It obtains together everything you need at checkout and retains your information secure and protected.

Google Pay also support contactless technology. Contactless payment is a wireless monetary dealing in which the customer confirms monetary compensation for purchase by pushing a security token near the vendor’s POS System

That means you can do transactions by using NFC technology. All you require is an NFC-enabled device to function this mechanism.

Benefits of Using Google Pay Over Other Traditional Payment Methods

1. Google Pay is the fastest way to pay in millions
You can use Google Pay to make purchases in millions of places across the UAE, including online, in-store, and mobile apps.
2. Keep your information safe and secure
Your payment details are kept private and secure, and we never share them with anyone else.
3. Use your phone to pay
Payments are sent directly to your bank account or card balance. No paper receipts!
4. Get discounts
Get cash back on your purchase.
5. Enjoy free shipping
Free standard shipping on orders over AED 500.
6. Earn rewards
Earn points on each transaction and redeem them for gift cards.
7. Shop anywhere
Use Google Pay in any store where contactless payments work.

How To Set up Google Pay in a few easy steps:?

  • Download the Google Pay app from App Store or Play Store
  • Proceed the instructions to add your Credit, Debit or Prepaid Card
  • Verify your Card if required. Then you’re all set!
  • Desire to do things on a desktop? Get set up at

Google Pay in UAE – How to Pay In stores?

Pay contactless with your Android phone

Your Credit, Debit or Prepaid Cards with Google Pay functions anywhere contactless payments are taken. Just wake up your Android device and maintain it near the POS terminal until you see a check mark. 

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Google Pay App – In apps and on the webSetup

Pay as quick as you click

Use Google Pay to check out even quicker across your favourite apps and sites. Once you’ve included your Card, you won’t require to enter your payment information every time. Just select Google Pay at checkout, confirm your purchase, and you’re all set.

GPay UAE – Things To Consider

Payments using Google Pay is taken at almost all stores in the UAE and across the globe where contactless payment terminals have the facility to take digital wallet payments.

Pay in a snap, online or in-app – Google Pay makes it uncomplicated to check out quickly within your favourite apps and websites. Grab a ride, purchase tickets, book a holiday home, stock up on supplies, and more with just a press of a button.

Google Pay is one of the supported payment methods in UAE

Top Frequently Asked Question About Google Pay UAE?

#1. How can I start Google Pay in UAE?

Keep in sense

  1. Download and open the Google Pay app from the Play store or App Store
  2. Tap on the Payment section and then tap +Payment method.
  3. Enter card pieces of information.
  4. Abide by Issuer Terms by clicking on Accept and Continue.
  5. Select the verification Now – SMS or email can be used to receive the verification OTP.

#2. Which Banks Support Google Pay?

Discover more to see if your bank or card supports contactless payments with Google Wallet, Check out here 

#3. Does GPay work internationally?

You can utilize Google Pay to send money to the US, India, and Singapore.

#4. Is Google Pay better than Samsung pay?

In General, Google Pay is the more suitable option. It can be utilised on any Android device, including Samsung Galaxy phones. You can also utilise it on Samsung smartwatches and other Wear OS watches. 

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