Top Payment Gateway UAE Providers For Your Ecommerce Website

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Top Payment Gateway UAE Providers 2022-2023


The need for eCommerce sites in the UAE has raised and is anticipated to persist at a rapid pace. 

And as eCommerce has evolved, so requires fast, secure scalable, and responsive online payment gateways. Whether the company is a small start-up, a gigantic brick-and-mortar retailer that desires to go online, or a well-established eCommerce business, you must have a dedicated online payment gateway UAE that can scale as your web extends.

In this article, we will investigate the best payment gateway in UAE for eCommerce websites.

What is a Payment Gateway UAE?

A payment gateway in UAE is an online payment service blended into an e-commerce platform to manage payments. In easy words, it is a tunnel that connects your bank account to the platform where you require to transfer funds. Payment gateways are typically provided by banks as well as specialized Payment Processing Solution Providers. These days, users can complete payments with debit or credit cards, UPI, online wallets, net banking, etc.

Here we will discuss about the list of top Payment Gateway Providers

How does the Payment Gateway Application Operates?

While each payment gateway is diverse, the subsequent steps are more or less what happens during a standard online payment:
1. Once the user presses the checkout button, they are diverted to the payment gateway, where appropriate data needs to be entered.
2. Users will be redirected to a secure banking page to confirm the transaction (mainly with OTP).
3. The transaction is achieved if the user has adequate funds in their account.
4. Finally, the user gets a validation message of a successful transaction, and their order is placed.
Fixing up a payment gateway makes your business reliable besides making the whole shopping experience effortless. At the same time, there are many payment gateway solutions out there, and it is challenging to pick one for your enterprise.

For your reference, we have sorted out the listed of top best payment gateways in the UAE 

Best Payment Gateway UAE Providers



When it reaches the best payment gateway UAE solutions in Dubai, Card Cutters are truthfully your number one choice. Their online payment gateway is the most acceptable choice in Dubai and across the UAE by a broad range of organizations, from giant multinationals to small local businesses. Their Ingenico IWL251 Mobile POS Terminal provides multi-channel global payment processing resolutions, fraud deterrence and threat management services.

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CCAvenue is totally reimagined Quick, safe & merely the best Payment Gateway you can get in UAE. CCAvenue® is South Asia’s most comprehensive payment gateway solution powering thousands of eMerchants with real-time, multi-currency, multiple payment choices and online payment processing assistance. The solution is powered by proprietary technology that integrates transaction processing, an advanced shopping cart, an auction payment collection facility, fraud management, economic reporting and order tracking.

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Stripe is a well-known payment gateway solution in the UAE that allows businesses to take payments and send payouts globally. The key powers payments for online merchants, subscription businesses, marketplaces, software platforms, and in-person retailers. The platform also has creative features to catch fraud, share invoices, issue physical or virtual cards, handle finances, and much more.

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Shopify needs no preface it is renowned for being an all-in-one commerce platform, that is powering over 1,000,000 businesses International, including the UAE. Whether you want to sell goods or opt for dropshipping, everything is possible with Shopify UAE.

Shopify payment gateway UAE is no distant from any other country’s Shopify; the setup is similar. Your customers in the UAE would be permitted to make payments in the regional currency, i.e. the Dirham. Shopify has partnered with leading international payment providers to help provide maximum support to its users. Customers are allowed to pay in their local currency by using the payment method they favour.

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Founded in 2014, PayTabs is renowned for its fraud prevention technology and innovative features. It’s one of the most convenient payment gateways in the UAE that is both reliable and modern. Moreover, it is effortless to connect PayTabs to your e-commerce site.

You can set up PayTabs in shorter than 24 hours and get it functioning. A major feature of the solution is its ability to develop and deliver invoices through the most outstanding technology.

Card Cutters Partnership with PayTabs – Merchant PayTabs UAE


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