List of Deem Finance Credit Cards – Top Deem Credit Cards 2022

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The usefulness of credit cards has transformed the way how people pay for purchases or services. With the aid of a top Notch Credit Card Machine your payment done through a credit card is made much simpler.

Here we will consider taking the Newly Launched ‘Deem Credit cards’ proposed to Resident Individuals and Citizens of the United Arab Emirates. Everything you need to know about Deem Finance Credit Card.

To Apply for Deem Finance Credit Card – Cash Up, You require a monthly salary of AED 5,000 for Deem Credit Card – Titanium ,

A minimum Wage of AED 10,000 is needed to apply for Deem Credit Card – Platinum and AED 25,000 for Deem Credit Card – World .

List of Deem Finance Credit Cards – Top Deem Credit Cards 2022

Deem Credit Cards in UAE – Top Features of Deem Finance Credit Card

Here we will be listing the top features of Deem Credit Card

  • The yearly fee ranges from AED 0 – AED 525
  • The interest rate on the cards begins from 2.99% 
  • Can avail of travel advantages on the Miles Up cards 
  • Can avail of high cashback offers on the Cash Up cards 
  • Can avail of balance transfer facility 
  • Delivers both paper statements and e-statements 

List of Top 6 Deem Credit Cards

#1. World Miles Up Credit Card

Deem Finance Credit Card


  • Delivers deem assured protection on competitive charges
  • Get travel advantages on every use of the card
  • A minimum salary of AED 25,000 is needed

#2. World Cash Up Credit Card

World Cash Up Credit Card

  • Can get high Cash Up advantages on every purchase completed
  • Delivers car rental, travel and dining advantages
  • Can get purchase security and Deem double secure protection on the card
  • A minimum wage of AED 25000 is mandated

#3. Titanium Cash Up Credit Card

 Titanium Cash Up Credit Card

  • Can get Cash Up on every payment made using the card
  • Can get travel usefulness
  • Delivers Deem double secure shield
  • A monthly Wage of minimum AED 5000 is required

#4. Titanium Miles Up Credit Card

Titanium Miles Up Credit Card

  • Can get miles on buys made utilising the card
  • Delivers deem secure shelter at competitive rates
  • A minimum wage of AED 5000 is mandated

#5. Platinum Cash Up Credit Card

Platinum Cash Up Credit Card

  • An increased range of Cash Up is supplied
  • Supplies deals and discounts on food, travel, etc
  • Can get Deem double secured protection
  • A minimum wage of AED 10,000 is required

#6. Platinum Miles Up Credit Card

Platinum Miles Up Credit Card

  • Delivers high travel miles and advantages
  • Get secure protection cover at low rates
  • A lowest salary of AED 10,000 is mandated

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Top Frequently Asked Questions About Deem Credit Card

#1. What is Deem Finance “Cash Up” Meaning?

“Cash Up” implies Cash Up currency made on the Deem Finance Credit Card. All Cash Up earned is preserved in the form of Cash Up. The conversion of Cash Up to AED is 1; Cash Up = 1 AED

#2. How does an Easy Payment Plan function on Deem Credit Card?

An Easy Payment Plan (EPP) is a repayment plan which permits the high-value purchases made on Deem credit card to be compensated in instalments, over a tenure of your choice running from 3 to 12 months. EPP is available to all Deem Credit Card consumers in the United Arab Emirates and makes point-of-sale or online transactions above a minimum threshold amount determined by Deem Finance from time to time.

#3. How can I manually check the amount of cash up that I have gained on my Deem Credit Card?

The amount of cash up that you have achieved will reflect on your credit card statement every month. One cash-up point is equivalent to one dirham, and the bank has not specified any minimum spending criteria for earning cash-up.

#4. Is Deem Credit Card insured?

Ofcourse yes, your Deem Titanium & Platinum Credit Cards are guaranteed with Deem Double Secure. An insurance plan which shields your credit card’s outstanding and extends an identical amount to you or your nominee in the tragic event of Death or Critical Illness of the primary credit card holder. The plan also reimburses 10% of your credit card’s outstanding in the event of Involuntary Loss of Employment. Further, in the event of an accident, the plan raises benefits such as a Hospital Cash Benefit of AED 100/day and Ambulance/Taxi Fare of up to AED 500.

Deem Customer Care Number

Deem Finance LLC is a finance company controlled by the Central Bank of the U.A.E. Supreme Shareholder of the company is Gargash Group.
Deem Finance delivers Smart financial solutions at your fingertips with Cash Up Credit Cards, Miles Up Credit Cards, and Personal Loans.
Deem Finance also deliver corporate solutions including High Yield Deposits, Financial Guarantees, and Payroll Solutions

Deem Customer Care Number : 600 525550 ( Ref:- :

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