Merchant Cash Advances with Card Cutters

in Card Cutters Updates April 26, 2018

In this weeks update, we discuss some of the best ways you can grow and develop your small business by choosing a Card Cutters Merchant Cash Advance, Business Funding to help grow your ideas.

Being a Card Cutters merchant means access to a wide range of additional services, all aimed at helping small businesses grow, develop and expand. New and existing merchants can add any of the various products and services offered onto contracts at any point, meaning that help is available whenever it may be needed.

What are the advantages of taking out a Merchant Cash Advance for Business Funding?

The main advantage, when compared to loans taken from other providers, is the flexibility provided. The lack of hidden fees and deadlines for repayment mean that the loan can fit into any structure of a business. Should there be periods in which cash flow is not quite as expected, things can be altered to reflect that.

This is especially attractive for businesses that experience seasonal rises and falls in trading or are looking at moving into new areas of revenue. The security provided by a loan can also encourage experimentation and enhance the attractiveness of new ventures; something that can often lead to expansion and increased income.

Because Merchant Cash Advances come as part of Card Cutters, the process of repayment can be made as easy as possible. Coming in the form of a percentage of daily card takings, repayments will never be unaffordable, or mount up. The more sales that are made, the more quickly money will be paid back. The reverse is also true of course. If card transactions are low for a certain period, then less money will be returned; a model that means business are not forced to make repayments they can’t afford at the time.

As economic climates change, and spending is subject to fluctuation, a Merchant Cash Advance can mean that cash flow stability can be as little as an issue as possible, due to the repayment percentages not altering. The Cash Advance could even be used a way to ensure financial buoyancy during a tough time for a business, effectively acting as a method of ‘offsetting’ finances from profitable times against those from a period where income is less forthcoming.

Are Merchant Cash Advances for everyone?

As with all financial products, there are a few things that a business needs to have, or be doing, to qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance. The most obvious is of course that it takes card payments, due to the repayment model that is operated.

With instant quotes and approvals, gaining a Merchant Cash Advance for your business funding is a process that can be completed rapidly, meaning that it can arrive at a time when it is needed most.