What is Dynamic Currency Conversion? – DCC Payments Are Made Easier With Card Cutters

in Card Cutters Updates July 21, 2022

Some retail merchandisers have Dynamic Currency Conversion ( DCC) built into their POS machines. This permits them to deliver you a choice of paying the bill in UAE Dirhams or the regional currency.

Businesses in the region cater to an enormous number of international customers who would favour executing transactions in their currencies. Dynamic Currency Conversion gives these customers the choice of paying with any currency of their choice while advancing your profit margin on each Pay-In-Your-Currency transaction. At the exact time, you will resume being paid in your local currency

Dynamic currency conversion is available in all nations where CardCutters has implemented a POS solution.

Benefits of offering Dynamic Currency Conversion

There are numerous advantages of accepting DCC payments for both your business and your customers.

Advantages for your business and your customers

  1. Enhanced customer service. By accepting DCC you can deliver your international customers with additional service as they can pay in their home currency.
  2. Expanded sales potential. Gain further sales potential and enrich the number of international customers.
  3. Reduce chargebacks and disputes. With DCC there are no exchange rate wonders for your customers when they obtain their statements.

Dynamic Currency Conversion With Card Cutters

Card Cutters – The leading Merchant Account Providers in UAE , present all of their merchants as standard the option for their customers to spend by card in their currency, whether they are visiting from the UK, China or further afield – by making use of their Dynamic Currency Conversion.

Card Cutters has the state of art POS Terminals that can determine if the card being used has been issued from a bank outside of the UAE. If so our POS Terminal will provoke your customer to ask if they would like to spend in their regional currency? If the customer selects this option, the terminal will automatically link the day-to-day forex rate as applied by MasterCard and Visa and debit the cardholder in their currency.

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