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in Merchant Case Study August 23, 2022

Tabby UAE – Easy Installments – Everything you need to know

Credit cards are a compelling way to impulse buy and worry about the costs thereafter. But if that credit card bill arrives and it cannot be paid off, the late fees and interest fastly rack up, leading to a crisis of spiralling debt. A unique “buy now, pay later” trend emerging globally – and now in the UAE – Tabby UAE permits consumers to complete purchases without paying the whole amount upfront, without being charged sturdy interest and without a credit card. Merchants are still shielded through credit risk checks, late fees and blocks on customers who have defaulted.

These are not large purchases, like cars and homes, but regular splurges on fashion, beauty, furniture, electronics and travel.

The concept of Buy Now Pay Later is acquiring popularity in the UAE, particularly in the Covid-19 era, when personal finances are delicate due to the global economic recession and vendors are looking to capitalise on the surge in online shopping as people bypass going out to control the spread of the virus.

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Here we will be covering how tabby UAE works & FAQ about Tabby

How Does Tabby Dubai – UAE Work? 

To start a Tabby account in the UAE. Proceed with the following steps

  1. You can create an account and begin using Tabby right away.
  2. Or just choose to pay with Tabby at checkout when shopping with a Tabby partner store, and a Tabby account will be automatically created for you.
  3. You might be requested for your ID when you signup with Tabby. It enables them to confirm that it’s really you who’s signing up, and not someone else. Rest assured, they all maintain all your details safe and secure with bank-level security measures and 128-bit Encryption.

Follow the Steps to set up Tabby Dubai – UAE 

  1. Fill your cart, then choose to pay through Tabby at checkout.
  2. Check your mobile number and email, then choose Sign up with Tabby.
  3. Enter the verification code you obtain on your mobile via SMS.
  4. You will get a successful purchase notice.
  5. You now own a Tabby account! and you can complete & check payments on Tabby app.

Making Forthcoming Payments Using Tabby App

Anyone can effortlessly track their upcoming bills by using their tabby App. Only thing you have to do is install Tabby App and proceed with the sign up procedures mentioned above

Frequently Asked Question About Tabby UAE

  • Who can use Tabby?

Any Citizen of the UAE & KSA that’s over the age of 18 can use tabby

  • Is Tabby free to use?

Yes it is! Tabby does not levy interest or fees for any payments that are made on time.

  • What occurs if you don’t pay Tabby?

If a customer fails a payment, a late fee of Dh15 or 15.35 Saudi riyals is levied 15 days after the order is delivered. The fees then double every two weeks until the overdue payment is fixed, but it is capped at the third late fee. If you do not settle for another two weeks, an extra collection fee of SAR 30 will be applied.

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Tabby empowers you with the flexibility & freedom to choose how & when to pay for the things you love. Tabby UAE lets you to shop now pay later and earn cash without the interest, fees or debt traps. Tabby is permitted by Saudi Central Bank, Shari’ah compliant & PCI-DSS Certified










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