Tabby Payment – How It Works?

in Merchant Case Study September 19, 2022

Tabby Payment – Buy Now Pay Later UAE

These past few years have seen the evolution of buy now, pay later services globally, with leading players expanding buttloads of cash to serve an insatiable young adult population who don’t fancy credit cards or settle interest. Today, Buy Now Pay Later apps have evolved the most desirable trend in the online market.

One such app that saw tremendous growth is Tabby. Joined the market in 2020, the tabby payment app continues to deliver customers and retailers an interest-free payment solution

Tabby UAE, the foremost buy now pay later (BNPL) provider in the UAE, raised $50m in a recent equity round, taking the company’s worth at $300m

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Frequently Asked Question About Tabby Payment

#1. What is Tabby Payment?

Tabby Payment is a Dubai-based buy now, pay later (BNPL) service provider in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The platform permits the users to shop anytime but pays later. Tabby combines with several well-known retailers like H&M, IKEA, Shein, Ali Express and so many more. With more than 400,000 engaged shoppers and 3000 daily downloads, Tabby has evolved into the ultimate BNPL service provider in the UAE

#2. How to use Tabby Payment?

The quickest and most comfortable way to make your payments and check your payment status online and through the Tabby app.

Payment in Saudi Arabia

When you utilize a Visa, MasterCard or Mada card when shopping with Tabby, your payments are computed automatically according to the payment schedule shown during the purchase process. When you successfully terminate your purchase through Tabby, you will obtain an email with the payment schedule to view at any moment. They will also remind you of upcoming payments.

In the event that you desire to complete an early payment, log in online, or download the application and select the payment to be paid and select “Payment Options”. There are no fees for making earlier payments.
You can check all amounts, make payments and handle your personal account by logging in online or using the Tabby application.

Download your Tabby Application 

Proceed with the steps below to make the payment

1. Sign in to the Tabby App or Tabby Online
2. Connect on My Payments from the menu
3. Select the order you want to pay or pay all remaining payments
4. Proceed with the steps shown to conclude the payment and make sure that you employ the correct payment information when completing the payment to avoid any mistakes.

#3. What are the Accepted Payment Methods in Tabby UAE?

.Tabby presently accepts all approved credit cards and bank cards (MasterCard, Visa, Mada). Tabby takes payment via Apple Pay in Saudi Arabia

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#4. How To Change Payment Method in Tabby?

Log in to the Tabby app or Choose the ‘My Payments‘ tab. Select ‘Change card’, then manually enter your new card details.

Amazon Tabby Payment

Now you can shop at amazon and earn up to 9% cashback on Tabby Shop at Amazon and make up to 9% Cashback 

Tabby payment lets you split your buys into 4 interest-free payments with no costs.


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